The company is registered for:

  • Architectural design
  • Technical supervision in construction
  • Consulting in construction
  • Condominium apportionment

The company also holds special licences:

  • Ministry of Culture licence to perform activities related to the protection and conservation of cultural heritage (Decision Class: UP/I-612-08/11-03/0010 of 14 April 2011)  –  licencing Decision
  • Ministry of the Interior licence to prepare fire protection study (Decision Class: 511-01-208-UP/I-4275/5-12-1/6 of 11 October 2012)  –  licencing Decision

The company is oriented primarily to design and consulting in tourism and hotel construction and the design of residential-commercial buildings.

Technical supervision is an important segment of our business, as is additional and indirectly related work such as preparing as-built architectural drawings in accordance with the current Act on Procedures Regarding Illegally Constructed Buildings or the preparation of condominium apportionment studies.